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Rebuilding and Embracing the Lives Interrupted by Earth’s Forces

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Dedicated Volunteer Efforts to Families Around the World

The RELIEF Foundation specializes in long term natural disaster response 6 months – 2 years after a disaster has struck. There is a common misconception that everyone affected by a disaster is taken care of and attended to within the first few months of impact, or for however long it is in the mainstream media. The sad reality is that this is quite far from the truth. We are committed to finding those communities that have been looked over by “first wave responders.”

Past R.E.L.I.E.F. Trip: Puerto Rico

We ran a medical clinic for two days for a community of 7,000 people from 7 surrounding communities that still have no access to a physician because of the conditions of the roads due to the impact of Hurricane Maria. 

In the Pipeline

California Woolsey Fire Trip

Puerto Rico Earthquake Trip

Australia Brushfire Trip

Project Ocean Cleanup – Delaware River

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As a non-profit organization, our ability to provide those in need of R.E.L.I.E.F. is dependent on the generosity of donors, like you. Even if you can’t be there to help in person, you can help someone go in your place by sponsoring a volunteer! Just write their name in your PayPal donation and it will go directly to funding their trip!

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