Awareness Brief With R.E.L.I.E.F.

COVID-19 has shifted our world in ways we never thought imaginable.

With all these shifts, comes many challenges that some may not think about during all this madness. We want your help in bringing awareness forward.

For example,

  • What happens if you lost your house in a disaster, and now have nowhere to socially isolate?
  • How can we help with our friends experiencing trouble with their mental health during this pandemic?
  • What are those experiencing homelessness doing to stay safe during this time?
  • What steps are being taken to stop the spread of Covid-19 in prisons?
  • What can those struggling with addiction do to aid in their recovery when they are not able to attend group sessions?

Join the “Awareness Brief with R.E.L.I.E.F.” for a new series of interviews, where we address these, and many other topics, with experts in each field.

Previous conversations:

Debra Summer spoke about those who were already suffering from a natural disaster, losing their homes, and how they have now been affected by Covid-19.

Norine Vanderhooven focused on the mental health crisis brought on by the pandemic. She is a mental health professional who also conducts training for those volunteering their time on a suicide hotline.

Coming Up Next

Conversations on how homelessness, the prison system, and people struggling with addiction have been affected by the pandemic.

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Awareness Brief with RELIEF

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