COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Effort

How Can You Join the Fight Against COVID-19?

Our society has had to shift as a result of coronavirus, leaving many of us at home wondering how, or if, we can even help. At this point, most of us know a healthcare worker, pharmacist, delivery courier, grocery store clerk, or anyone else on the frontlines.

To us, these people are all heroes.

But you can be too.

Disaster relief efforts expose a variety of vulnerabilities in society. Not all of us had proper housing, access to food, access to healthcare, or steady jobs long before COVID-19 hit.

We cannot forget the community members in our own backyard, and that is why YOU are needed.

Join the RELIEF Foundation in the fight against COVID to help your community members and show them that there are still those who are AWARE, and CARE about their situation.

Coronavirus is a natural disaster changing life as we know it, but YOU can truly help your neighbors through tangible and intentional efforts.

We are proud to announce our three-part COVID-19 pandemic relief effort. Check them out!