Fight COVID with $5

Let Us Explain…

For just $5.00, you can provide a child with 2 meals a day.

Conscious Kitchen is helping the children of one of the most vulnerable communities in California stay fed.

Most children in under-served areas receive 2 meals a day at school. Today, these same children are not permitted to go to school or other subsidized programs, to decrease their chance of contracting the virus. However, this means their families must take on an added cost that might be insurmountable to many of these families.

A Quick Story to Show You the Power of $5

The co-founder of the nonprofit told us a story about a time she visited a family. One parent pointed to a broken wall in their home and said,

“You paid for that.” The mother explained that because her children were fed at school, she was able to provide a sturdy and safe home for her family.

We need to think about this in 2 ways:

  1. Children’s nutrition
  2. Family expenses during the rise in unemployment 

Conscious Kitchen has found a way to keep their public-school kitchens running, and retain the staff to safely feed anyone under the age of 18.

YOU can join them and help relieve the stress on families to simply feed their children.

Help Conscious Kitchen Help the Children

Your support will allow Conscious Kitchen’s groundbreaking work to change the way we are nourishing our children and caring for our land — and now, to respond to the Coronavirus crisis and support the most vulnerable populations.