Many elderly people are part of the high-risk population and are therefore completely isolated during the pandemic. This means that even their loved ones must limit contact during this time to decrease any chances of exposure.

If you’re looking for a fun way to volunteer just a little of your time, this is the perfect opportunity!

We are looking for individuals to Quaran-face-time with someone who is feeling particularly lonely throughout this epidemic. Whether you know this person, or are willing to be connected to someone feeling lonely via this platform, please contact us!

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand, and this is the perfect way to help with the health of our most vulnerable, even if you are not in a hospital!

Affected Individuals

Most of us know someone who has had to be alone throughout this pandemic. A grandparent or a friend with a compromised immune system. They can no longer have visits from children, grandchildren and friends. In a time when we can’t physically be there with them, is a time they need us the most.


While our healthcare workers are out on the front lines doing everything they can to help, you can step up and do your part from within your home. Just a phone call, or preferably video chat, with someone feeling lonely can have incredible effects on their mental health! Just a few minutes of helping someone feel less isolated can go a long way in doing your part to help us get through this trying time.