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How you can help

We organize our volunteers into teams to help focus our efforts. You can switch teams at any time.

Recruitment Relief Team

Recruit friends to come volunteer with us! If you know someone who likes to get their hands dirty and paint on their jeans is a badge of honor, then this is the perfect team for them.  With trips around the world and in our own backyards we are looking for energetic and flexible volunteers that want to give back.

Logistics Relief Team

With so many volunteers around the world, the logistics of arranging for supplies to be delived can be daunting.  This great team coordinates trips and supplies!

Design Relief Team

Are you a Graphic Designer, Computer Programmer, or just creative?  Relief stays on the cutting edge of technology through volunteers like yourself.  We constantly keep our members informed and ready to act on a moments notice.

Fundraiser Relief Team

This team is in charge of setting up fundraisers around the country or helping travel volunteers set up effective ways to raise donations.  Corporate sponsors no problem? Then this is the perfect team for you.