Upcoming Trips

California Woolsey Fire Trip

Many communities in California were almost completely destroyed during the Woolsey Fire. To make matters worse, a few months later there was a torrential flood that destroyed the communities even further. The people who were living in these communities are still not able to return to a semblance of their normal lives even a year and a half after the fire. Most are still living without a permanent residence. The money these community members were given by insurance has almost entirely run out leaving people to feel as if they are in a helpless situation and might never be able to return home. Communities are still living in the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire (over a year since the fire hit) and are starting to lose hope and feel as if the world has forgotten about them. Through partnering with local organizations, we will bring volunteers and resources to remind this community that people from all over the United States still care and want to help!

Puerto Rico Earthquake Trip

The RELIEF Foundation is committed to helping and returning to affected communities we have volunteered in. While our first trip was to help those affected by Hurricane Maria, those same communities are now facing new challenges after the Earthquake and we are looking for ways to help those communities and find new ways to help those affected by this disaster.

Australia Brushfire Trip

We are already looking into how to help those communities affected by the enormous brushfire so that a year from now we will be ready and mobilized to bring RELIEF. We are focusing on how to best help the Koala habitats that were destroyed by these fires. We are looking into raising money for a drone that can fly over the affected areas and plant seeds to help restore their habitat. There is a saying that “A wise person is someone who plants a tree whose shade they will never sit in.” We are applying that philosophy to our Koala habitat renewal.

Project Ocean Cleanup – Delaware River

According to Boyan Slat, the founder of Project Ocean Cleanup, 1,000 rivers lead to 80% of pollution in oceans. One of those rivers, the Delaware River, is one of the main contributors of this pollution. Not far from RELIEF headquarters, we are planning to raise 1 million dollars to bring an Ocean Cleanup vessel to stop the stream of plastic and garbage coming into the ocean from the Delaware River.